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Let your customers pick their plans

The embeddable billing page that asks users to upgrade their accounts at the right time.

Plug into your existing onboarding flow

Freemium accounts can upgrade to premium plans
Free Trial
Free trial accounts can upgrade after expiration
Pay Up Front
Force payment during signup with a setup fee
Flexible Pricing

Support simple &
complex pricing models

Manage pricing simply from your Stripe account. All pricing models such as subscriptions, one-times, unit-based, metered, setup fees, and complex combinations are supported.

Auto-Update pricing

Update prices without touching code

Change your prices in your Stripe account, and your billing pages automatically change. Never touch code again.

Style to match your brand

You can style billing pages to look & feel like part of your app.

Get paid in over 120+ different currencies

Servicebot supports all Stripe supported currencies

Let Customers Pay with a Card

Fully customizable checkout form. Learn more

Embed directly inside
your app

As easy as pasting the Javascript snippet into your app without any coding!
No-code integrations

Works with no-code app builders

Look under the hood with many
more advanced features

Quantity Updates
Let customers set unit quantity during plan selection
Event Triggers
Handle user events & trigger custom actions
Customize View
Disable or hide ineligible plans
Give it a go for yourself!