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Rewardful is a B2B SaaS that allows businesses to turn their biggest fans into marketers via affiliate and referral programs with Stripe.

Rewardful's pricing model consists of flat stair-step pricing, which means that once a certain usage is reached, the plan must be upgraded. One of the four tiers, Performance, contains a 9% metered transaction fee on affiliate revenue, making the amount of affiliate revenue ungated. The other three tiers are gated based on the amount of affiliate revenue, with higher tiers unlocking more features.

"It’s important to differentiate your product and build barriers to entry so it doesn’t become a race to the bottom."
Brady Cassidy
Founder & CEO, Rewardful

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Interview with Brady Cassidy

How did you come up with your current pricing model?

Most affiliate software was very overpriced and unaffordable for a significant market segment that had been previously underserved. Most creators, indie hackers, bootstrappers, and even many established SaaS companies aren’t able to invest tens of thousands of dollars to experiment with affiliate marketing.

We initially launched with a Performance plan that was $0 + 9%. It drove a ton of signups, but the post-signup engagement was very low. So we decided to run an experiment and charge a fixed fee in addition to the 9%, to see if it increased the perceived value. We changed our pricing to $19 + 9% and engagement went through the roof for this segment. A year later, as we added more features and value for our customers, we increased our fixed amount pricing again. 

Currently, our pricing plans are:

  • Performance: $29/mo + 9%
  • Starter: $49/mo
  • Growth: $79/mo
  • Enterprise: $299/mo

We also have a new Affiliate Finder product. We offer a certain number of credits for free in each plan, then it’s usage-based pricing as follows: Rewardful's Pricing Page

How often do you change your pricing?

We review our pricing at least once a year. We revisit it more frequently if we’re making major changes to our product, positioning or layering in new add-ons.

What do you think is the hardest part of pricing?

Competition and market dynamics - It’s important to differentiate your product and build barriers to entry so it doesn’t become a race to the bottom.