Drop-in Affiliate Program for SaaS Businesses

With Billflow & Rewardful, it is as easy as copy and paste to launch a
referral program for your SaaS business
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Growing a SaaS Business Is Hard!

Everyone knows it's hard (and expensive) to grow a SaaS business, especially in the early days. Getting traction is critical and marketing is becoming increasingly difficult as people become desensitized to content marketing, direct marketing and advertising.

Two businesses, one mission

To make it easier & faster to start and grow a SaaS business on Stripe
Billflow & Rewardful have teamed up to offer the easiest and most powerful way to create an affiliate program.
The most untapped sources of new customers are your existing customers, network and relevant pre-built audiences. There's a ton of noise in the market and prospects often aren't familiar with your brand. Luckily, buyers rely on word-of-mouth 2-10x more than paid media and 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.

Set Up Rewardful Without Coding & Enjoy These Features


Generate affiliate signup links that give commissions to the referrer

Built For Stripe

View Rewardful data directly from your Stripe dashboard. Billflow & Rewardful have the deepest integrations with Stripe you'll find

Customer Lifecycle

Automatically adjust commissions for customer actions in Billflow like upgrades, downgrades, cancellations, and free trials
"One of the biggest challenges our merchants face is integrating with Stripe. Building a robust billing system that handles all scenarios is far more difficult than it seems, even when using Stripe.

Billflow completely eliminates that hurdle and allows merchants to set up their billing system — and thus Rewardful referral program — with just a few clicks.

We highly recommend Billflow to our own customers. It lets them focus on building their app instead of their billing system."
Kyle Fox
Co-founder, REWARDFUL
Give it a go for yourself!