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Billflow for WordPress

Sell Stripe Subscriptions on WordPress

A Woocommerce alternative to selling WordPress memberships with Stripe. Keep all your pricing in Stripe and let us handle the customer-facing interface.

Simplify Your WordPress Subscription Flow

One Plugin to Manage Your Entire Billing Flow

Sell Subscriptions

Allow your customers to self-manage their subscriptions with the Billflow Customer Portal embed.

Gate Your content

Map user roles to tiers to gate pages and content by membership tier.
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Display Your Pricing Up Front

Aqcuire more customers with a pricing page that has a built in checkout form. Add it once, and manage all pricing updates in Stripe.

Accept Payments Securely

Let customers securely sign up & pay straight from your WordPress website or app.

Auto-create New Users

Leverage the power of WordPress’s native user accounts. Everytime a new user signs up, WordPress will generate an account for them.

Create Affiliate Programs

Partner with influencers in the space to increase revenue. With our Rewardful integration, you can get it up and running in minutes.

Apply Coupons

Reward your customers with public or private coupons handled by Stripe.
Billing Has Never Been Easier

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